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Pimp my Book Online

Making education affordable and accessible. That's our mission. Simple.

How? By retailing second-hand textbooks! "The Pimp" enables many students to ssttrrreeeettccch their rand. We have removed the 'dinginess' of buying second hand textbooks. Through our well fitted, equipped and easily accessible stores, getting rid of your books once you are done with them and picking up a second-hand copy couldn't be easier. Did I mention this site? Yes, you can now browse through our stock and get your unisa and other universities’ second-hand textbooks here.

Pimp My Book allows students to sell their second hand textbooks, putting cash back in their pockets and then Pimp My Book resells these cheaper used textbooks to other students who can’t afford expensive new textbooks, making academic resources affordable and accessible to more students.

Since 2006, we have made it our business to bring you low priced textbooks.

We do not pursue awards, but are very grateful for the recognition and acknowledgements that we have received.

  • In 2009 and 2010, SAB chose Pimp My Book as its overall winner in its provincial and national SABKickstart competition respectively.
  • Then in 2011, we were recognized by the United Nations' SUKUMA Africa Award as the overall small business geared towards achieving the education MDG.

Find out more about us, who we are, what we stand for and "the pimps"