How Does It Work

Sell My Textbook

5 Easy Steps:

  1. Tell us what book you have to sell and we will tell you how much CASH we can put down
  2. Select a method to get the book to us : We collect or You Post or You Drop Off
  3. Select how you want to get paid: Cash on Delivery (Only during “Peak Season”), EFT after posting
  4. Book Arrives at Pimp My Book
  5. You Get Paid. During “Off Peak” we pay using Pimp Wallet

Buy A Textbook

4 Easy Steps:

  1. Search for your book
  2. Select a grade and price that suits your pocket
  3. Please note: The prices online are not necessarily those of branches
  4. Select a payment method and pay
  5. Book is delivered to you or you can collect at your nearest store.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Sell My Textbook:

Do you buy any book? (books that are on our buying list)

We only buy books that are currently prescribed and have a decent demand. The books must be the latest edition that is prescribed.

How do you determine if a book is prescribed?

We use prescribed booklists which are provided by Universities. It is important to sell your textbook as soon as you are done or you run the risk of it being outdated when you do eventually sell it.

What can I do with books that are prescribed but are not on your buying list?

We can sell these books on your behalf. Put the book on your selling wish list and we will let you know when we find a buyer.

What guarantee do I have that I will get paid for my book?

  • Any book that is posted to us will be paid within 7 working days of us receiving the book, or else you can demand that we return it immediately at no cost to you. Books sold “Off Peak” will be paid through Pimp Wallet
  • Pimp My Book is the Official Used Book store at top universities like UCT, Stellenbosch University, UFS and CPUT.
  • We are also accredited by the National Student Financial Aid merchant
  • Pimp My Book also has physical stores and distribution warehouses which you can contact and visit.
  • We have a Head Office that you can contact and speak to authorities.

Buy a Textbook:

What happens if I am not happy with the book delivered to me?

You get a two day Money Back Guarantee (from date of delivery). If you are not happy with the purchase simply post it to us or bring it in-store and we will gladly give you your money back.

What if the book is out of stock?

Put it on your wish list and as soon as we get it, we let you know.

What happens if the book is not listed at all?

Put it on your wish list and we will let you know when we get a copy.


Who pays for delivery?

Any orders above R500 are free. For orders below R500, delivery is R50 for overnight-to-your-door delivery (orders placed before 1pm) to all major towns and cities.

What happens if my book does not arrive?

Let us know and we will follow it up for you. If we fail to get the book to you within 5 days from the initially stipulated delivery date, you can request a full refund.